45$ Pidyon Nefesh = redemption of the soul of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev

Pidyon Nefesh is a spiritual action according to Kabbalah and it is capable of freeing and redeeming a person from all .troubles and diseases, fears and anxieties and other spiritual problems.

Through giving a pidyon nefesh in a donation for the benefit of the decent poor to a Kabbalist rabbi and Hasidic or Torah learners – it is possible to redeem a person and exchange suffering to atone for his sins. on to the redemption money you donate to the poor and needy.

Pidyon Nefesh

The redemption of a soul that Rabbi Nachman of Breslav taught according to the secret of Kabbalah from the Holy Torah is passed on in each generation to individual people. Not everyone can do this spiritual action, just as not every lawyer can succeed in difficult trials in the High Court, because wisdom and counsel are needed on how to get and free a person from evil. who created by his sins, to turn them into merits and also to succeed in undoing them for goodness and blessing.

Donate now for “pideyon nefesh”

And you will receive soon, Joy and health for your soul, Success and all the best wishes,
Head of the Breslov Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the entire yeshiva will pray for your salvation.

1 – Pidyon nefesh for a single person (One-time donation one-time action): 45$

 2 – Pidyon nefesh + evil eye removel = For monthly cleaning (every week) + With conversation and explanation and from the Rebbe. for the whole family: 160$

Donate 400$ pidyon nefesh for whole family + prayer at the Western Wall & Tomb of King David Including evil eye removel + on-line (whitin 1-2 days) WhatsApp with Your personal rabbi who will pray whit you online on WhatsApp or send you a video including good Torah advice for your success and spiritual guidance according to Hasidism torah and the secrets of Jewish Kabbalah.

4 – Donate 1800$ for Pidyon nefesh &Full prayer for The whole family for every month for all year prayers Including (According to your  request) evil eye & curses or pidyon nefesh + western wall.

You can contact us at +972 52-565-2005 through whatsapp for further information.

Payment can be made by PayPal a secure website or by phone!

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